1. How can I join think4unity ?

Ans :To join think4unity you need to enroll a form on our website using your mobile or computer. for joining think4unity you need to have your own mobile number and your unique Adhar card no .

2. Can we make different accounts using same name?

Ans :No, think4unity only allows one mobile number for one person/family. in case of violation of this rule your account may be discarded.

3.Do we have to pay for joining?

Ans: No, joining is totally fee  think4unity provides you many social and financial profit without charging any type of fee.

  4.Is it necessary to buy coupons?

Ans:No ,its not mandodary.We provide three types of coupon .first chargable scond free and third is issued by admin for special work. as we declare that we provide shelter to our member through our coupons all the profit we are providing you is in the form of discounts or margins . hence, buying coupons is not  necessary.

 5. Is it necessary to give our personal information?

Ans: think4unity doesn’t want any unnecessary or confidential information  the required  information  is to provide you various emplacement, matrimonial, traditional profit within 200 km from your current location.

  6.what will you do with this information?

Ans: this information will used to help you to keep update with your responsibilities and will help the country to recover from the problem of unemployment.

  7.what will have to pay for this  service or product  material ?

 Ans:First formula for paid coupons  think4unity will provide you  on line coupons, using which you will gain points and will be added in your account. after that you can redeem those points from your account .Second method is to provide free coupon of three verity and will feed again automatically after redemption.

   8. What if we use all coupons at the same place or in the same service counter ?

 Ans :Coupons provided by think4unity should be used as a form of letter or intimation i.e one coupon  for one sale/service at a place for paid coupons .For free coupons one has to produce the coupon at the time of purchase and as per criteria of the center the coupon will be accepted as cash discount. if you want you can use all coupon at one place  by several transaction  at same day but that won’t be a idle way to use this system.

  9.How can I know how much point do I have now?

 Ans :By suffering in site viewing the advertisement and by use of  paid coupon one can know the current status of points account.

  10.Is there any expiry date for the coupon?

Ans :Yes, think4unity’s coupons are validated up to 11 months from date of issue .After that if time laps  then it will be reissued   without  any charge with cancellation of old one .

 11.What if I don’t have a bank account?

Ans : think4unity supports only cashless policy, hence having a bank account is must.

 12. Can  company discard ,terminate my account and services?

Ans : In case a user violates the rules and regulation, company has right  to discard terminate the account and services of the accused  user.

13. What if I have to change my current location, how can I resume my services?

Ans: People who are already member of think4unity can submit the documents regarding their new location so as to resume the   services.

14.What is the profit in early bird  joining?

Ans:The profit will be enhanced manner  to the seniority of membership, more age  with maintaining purchase value more profit you will get , hence join fast so as to get more profit.

15. Will I get any matrimonial and astrology  information by this plan?

Ans: think4unity will be providing you the near by matrimonial and astrology information whenever you need that also free of cost with their astro guru on whatsap or email.

16.How can I donate  or do charity my points in the welfare of socity or religious ?

Ans: think4unity will provide you with decent opportunities so as to donate your points to materialize in various schemes so as to help the society or puja path & temple by transferring your coupon to them but they must have mobile no at least .

17 – How can I get worship facility by prist and their charity /donation ?

Ans: think4unity will provide you with decent opportunities by providing special pandit or learned  priest  for  puja path & temple .

18. How can I get tution or coaching at home itself?

 Ans: think4unity provides various packages including video lessons of various expert watching which will help you.

19.How can I be benefitted of car or taxi pooling ?

Ans: think4unity always care secrecy and security of member ‘s journey by inbound/outbound calls and provide you the facility.

20.How can I be benefitted by shopping online?

Ans: think4unity will provide you this facility only on its online portal by referrals .

21.How can a shopowner become a outlet or centre?

Ans: think4unity has uploaded various videos regarding this topic, please do have a look on you tube.

22.How a  coordinator  can become currier service provider ?

Ans: When a coordinator works as in charge of the ward/ panchayatt hen he may deliver each kind of material or information to their fellow members and for that will be rewarded so, the system will auto create a parallel currier service .

23.What is the the qualification to become a coordinator ?

Ans : think4unity has uploaded various videos on You tube regarding this topic, please do have a look.This is the key/bottom post of the company designated if the member of the ward/panchayt  would like to work as a coordinator in that particular place abided with the rules and regulation of the company timely.

24.What is the the benefit  to become a coordinator ?

Ans: think4unity has uploaded various videos on you tube regarding this topic, please do have a look.

25.What happened if one will fail to follow the rules & regulation of coordinator ?

Ans: think4unity has uploaded various videos on you tube regarding this topic, please do have a look.Action against coordinator may taken for violation of rules & regulation and can be replaced.

26.How can be a part of company by contract farming or dairy business ?

Ans:think4unity will make a dedicated effort to raise the life of the dwellers of villagers if they belief in work hard for their development and own progress by contract framing or dairy business system where a scarcity has always been seen in our local area in spite of huge demand.