local बाजार का समान और सेर्विस vocal prachar से home delivery से सब कुछ फ्री सेवा … पार्ट 1

local बाजार का समान और सेर्विस  vocal prachar से home delivery से  सब कुछ फ्री सेवा  … पार्ट 2

local बाजार का समान और सेर्विस  vocal prachar से home delivery से  सब कुछ फ्री सेवा  … पार्ट 3
अपने ग्राहक को सही सेवा और व्यवहार देकर कमाई सुनिश्चित करिए । यदि आप किसान है तो खेत से ही ग्राहक पाइए । यदि ग्राहक है तो कॉम्पिटिशन का लाभ ले कर कम से कम कीमत में होम डिलीवरी पाइए । पहले देखिए फिर खूब परख कर ऑर्डर करिए । 

Terms & Condition:-

1- This is only promotional activity for merchant, its goods & services among the citizen so assume this  effort to minimise expenditure incurred in marketing by different mode such as pomphlet,broucher or any printing media discourages  use of paper  while incourage  digital system to save our environment for future generation.

2- Each candidate must have their own ,unique and real mobile number for working and registration.Fake or ananymus mobile number will not be entertained if found incorrect in KYC and future litigation or debate against rules regulation.

3- It will be sole discretion of company to fetch clicking charges in indian currency (INR) and will be changable as per market need ,demand or company strategy .The pay out  rates may be volatile as per scheme of the company and can be change without prior intimation or suggetion and will be applicable as on current date listing  having ful rights to alter ,change  for welfare of community and market.

4- Minimam withdrawal is Rs 100 and maximam will be Rs 500 at a time of payment for  think4unity authorised centers of different purpose sales and services if any member wants to redeem it.

5- At a time 50% amount earned can redeem will be accepted and for second withdrawal either amount will be more than minimam or  maximam value found ,some more point or amount will be required to add for next withdrawal by clicking efforts  as explained in system will be  mendatory.

 Rules and limits for playing games 
1.    The minimum play time needs to be 2 Hours. You can play less but you won’t be credited.
2.    Up to 10 game sessions per 24 hours. You can play more but you won’t be credited after surpassing the limit.
3.    To get credited you should complete a game either by winning or losing it, have a score higher than zero and click on “Continue” or “Submit Score”.
4.    The “Play now” button generates a link that will allow you to play and earn for 120 minutes. You must return to this page and click the button again to continue earning after that period has elapsed.
5.    Quitting too many games without winning or losing and / or blocking advertisements and / or attempting to change data such as high-scores (and other) will lead to the removal of the privilege of earning from games.
6.    When playing multiplayer games you must win and click on “I’m Ready Now!” to get credited.
7.    Rewards are instantly credited to your Main Balance.

Rules and limits for paying survey form.

1- The Survey form will be rewarded only completion of full intimation or point desired in the form is completed and submitted to the company and if any quary arise to complete the form followup has to ne assisted by applicant or member. 

Rules and limits may be subject to change.Reward amount may vary occasionally.

– Sujected to Jabalpur jurisdiction.